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Parke & Ronen Bio


Parke & Ronen, founded in 1997, is a unique, contemporary men’s fashion consumer brand, whose heritage is rooted in men’s swimwear. Combining style and simplicity, this brand’s look is a combination of the two creative forces behind it.


The two designers behind the brand took very different paths to find their love of fashion. One with a European focused background, and the other, an American-driven inspiration. Their differences in experience and personal style have proven to be the perfect match. Blending different cultures, inspirations and trends, Parke & Ronen has continued to flourish since the brand’s creation and shows no signs of slowing down.


A pioneer brand, Parke & Ronen is credited with being one of the first to offer men’s swimwear created from the point of fashion. They are firm believers that a swimsuit should be held to the same standards of importance as any other clothing item. In addition, Parke & Ronen continues to establish itself as a leading force in the men’s contemporary market producing both swim and ready-to-wear collections each season.


After multiple runway showings as part of the Official New York Fashion Week Calendar, Parke & Ronen became a founding member of the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s in 2015. Additionally, in the fall of 2015 the brand launched their men’s underwear line, which continues to be sold throughout each season.


Drawing from experience, Parke & Ronen credits its fashion forward aesthetic to unique destinations, cultures, movies, books, and music that the designers find seeds of inspiration within. Blending trend with tradition, Parke & Ronen strive to maintain a timelessly chic aesthetic that provides their customers with both comfort and confidence. About Us- Parke & Ronen