The Underwear Expert - September 2015


The Underwear Expert has obtained an exclusive sneak peek at the new Parke & Ronen Underwear Collection – and naturally we’re sharing it with you! We’ve always adored Parke & Ronen for their classic styles and impeccable products, so we’re ecstatic to share that this fall, the brand will unveil their first men’s underwear line! What better way to get a taste of things to come than by going behind the scenes at a Parke & Ronen photo shoot? From the look of things so far, we might have a new favorite underwear brand on the horizon.

In keeping with the brand’s simple yet timelessly chic aesthetic, Parke & Ronen is initially introducing two core silhouettes: a brief and a trunk. The first designs are already available on the Parke & Ronan site! These pieces are of the highest quality and consistent with the Parke & Ronen classically super clean design. The line is composed of a high quality pima cotton and spandex blend with a satin finish waistband, incorporating the brands logo. Parke & Ronen also has plans to develop the line even further by introducing some additional options, including their signature prints and an expanded range of fabrics and colors in the upcoming seasons. So expect a lot of Parke & Ronen in the months to come!

Check out the BTS: Parke & Ronen photo shoot below.





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