The Underwear Expert - September 2015

High-cut swim trunks are a classier choice of swimwear compared to square-cut swim trunks, or more revealing swim briefs. Square-cut swim trunks are technically rectangular and leave much of your legs exposed for a look that’s unassumingly sexy. High-cut swim trunks, on the other hand, are your high school geometry teacher’s idea of a square. They extend lower than the pouch, and cover about as much skin as woven boxer shorts. That being said, they don’t fit anywhere near as loose as boxer shorts. This is still swimwear, meant to be worn with sunscreen and nothing else. These pairs of high-cut swim trunks still know there’s room for sex appeal, even when keeping things classy.
Model Christian Camacho sunbathes poolside in five pairs of high-cut swim trunks in The Underwear Expert’s exclusive photoshoot below. And the pool he’s at isn’t some run-of-the-mill water hole. With scenic views and lounge chairs that aren’t made from strips of white plastic, it’s a high end kind of swimming pool, and an even more appropriate setting for fashionable high-cut swim trunks. They’re the well-dressed man’s idea of the perfect swimwear, and they just so happen to look perfect on Christian.
Parke & Ronen’s featured pair is the classiest look Christian slips into. It fits snug enough to show off his fit physique, yet loose enough to give him room to cut through the water. The button fly gives it a more fashionable aesthetic, where drawstring and elastic would read as more casual. The wave pattern is also a nice touch, applied in white to lighten the high-cut swim trunk’s blue base. And then for a sporty edge and some added utility, the swim trunk is also designed with pockets on either side lined in white.
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