Queerty - August 2015

Miami Fashion Swim Week
It is Day 2 of Miami Fashion Week Swim, and Queety’s Outlandercolumn has a rule when traveling: walk with purpose. If you’re going to pass through a doorway, walk in like you belong there. Sometimes you won’t be asked to leave, and you never know what might happen inside.
For instance, you could be walking down the street in Miami, and find yourself wandering into the Cabana Show, a trade show with aisle after aisle of swimwear worn by models standing around waiting to be adored. It is technically for retail buyers, but security was lax so it was easy to sneak in and chat up the boys.
Let’s meet a few of our favorites, starting with the large photo: Slovakian model Tomas has his trim waist wrapped in Parke & Ronen.
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