Socialite Life - February 2016

Sure, fall and winter fashion week is great, because everyone loves a man in a killer suit and a fantastic coat.
But it does make one yearn for the spring and summer shows, when the runways are filled with buff and super sexy shirtless guys, just waiting to be gazed at.
So we’ve got to send a big thank you to the folks at Parke & Ronen this year, because they somehow managed to do both of these things. 

The fashion house debuted their fall and winter line at New York Fashion Week, which obviously included lots of coats and knits and furs, but! They didn’t stray too far from their love of swimwear. I mean, it’s not cold everywhere during the winter, right? Launch the gallery to check out what they have to offer this season. And by check out what they have to offer, I mean ogle some hot dudes. Don’t worry guys, I get you.