What Pride means to us.

Why we are proud all twelve months of the year...

All of us at Parke & Ronen, gay, bi, ally, trans, cis, fluid, and/or other, are honored to be embraced by our LGBTQIA+  peers. We can’t presume to identify with each of you, but as gay men we know many of the battles our community has overcome to get here. And we know how many still lie ahead. 
Our passion is to encourage those sexy moments in life, to create beauty, and to celebrate love of all kinds. Our mission is to create styles that you can use to do the same.  
Every time one of you wears one of our designs- or even likes or follows our brand, we are honored and we are proud. Proud of our work, proud of our team, and proud of you. When the parades are over and the rainbows are put away for another year, we all get back to the hard work of living our truths every day. 
Thank you for supporting us as a gay-owned brand. Thank you for supporting our dream. Thank you for seeing us as we see you.
Happy Pride Every Day.

What Pride means to our team

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