Everybody Should Have a Valentine. Be Yours.

Everybody Should Have a Valentine. Be Yours. 

Valentine’s Day. Fun for couples, less so for pretty much everyone else. Maybe you just happen to be single right now, or maybe you aren’t interested in romance. If you’re doing you, then there’s no reason why a holiday should put any negative spin on that. But this year, we’d like to ask that you do celebrate Valentine’s Day... with yourself.  
2020 is going to be a stressful year, and besides, we often aren’t nearly as kind to ourselves as we should be. You’re with yourself for the long haul, so it’s important that you put the work in, just like in any other relationship. So bring yourself breakfast in bed. Get yourself flowers, or chocolate, do whatever it is that you know will light up your face and put a spring in your step. In short: love yourself. The day is about love, and you deserve a part in the festivities.
This Valentine’s Day, we’re encouraging you, as always, to indulge and treat that special someone, but especially if that someone is you. Because everybody should have a Valentine. Be yours.

6 Ways to Love Yourself for Valentine’s Day: 

1.) Have that extra glass - Here’s to you!
@patrickhazlewood sips champagne in Black Parke & Ronen swim trunks
2 )  Make it a cheat day - Indulge in your favorite meal.
@brandonosorio enjoys a meal wearing Parke & Ronen Popcorn Stitch Sweater
3) Have a soak - Go all in on a spa day.
@doctor.jd soaks in a jacuzzi wearing Parke & Ronen swim Stella Print swim trunks
4)  Skip leg day - You already look great, one day off won’t hurt.
@bodybymarkee models Yello Mesh Parke & Ronen underwear
5) Set a thirst trap - Show your pride, your sexy and you know it.
@logantheleo poses in the mirror wearing Parke & Ronen printed underwear briefs
6) Do absolutely nothing - Lounge it all out for some R&R. The world will still be there tomorrow.
@dlisbergsonton wears Parke & Ronen pink Awning stripe satin shirt.  Photo by @markgrgurich

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