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NYT - May 2006

Redefining Your Level of Comfort


Parke & Ronen in Manhattan has made its name with the tailored precision of its low-key, retro-60's surf shorts: not too short, not too long, not too baggy, not too tight. "I'm very anti-Speedo," said Ronen Jehezkel, an owner of the company, who studied the intricate art of couture in Rome before moving to New York. "It's too revealing."

As for the Quiksilver style, he said: "I look at them, and I think 'Why?' You're going to have so many years when you'll have to cover those legs up, why do it when you've got something to show?"

An exacting man, Mr. Jehezkel tries to work one day a week in the Parke & Ronen store on Ninth Avenue just to see what suits work on which customers. His basic model, with a four-inch inseam, is best for most men, he said. Or at least most men with a well-used gym membership. Shorter guys might gravitate to the Frankie Avalon-style snap shorts, with a two-inch inseam, while men with thin legs would do better with a longer model, one with an eight-inch inseam.

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